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Dreaming of a New Kitchen & Bath? We Can Help!

Your kitchen and bathroom are the two critical places in the home which demand extra care. Everyone wants a beautiful, spacious kitchen or bathroom not only to increase the worth of their homes but also to provide their families with a more comfortable and relaxing space.

Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation

No doubt, renovation is something that can enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen. It helps to upgrade the value of your home. Whether you just want to replace your old faucets, sink, cabinets, or stove, or you are planning a complete kitchen overhaul, our experts can handle all your kitchen renovation needs.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the places that is exposed to heavy traffic. Therefore, the chances of wear and tear are high. Bathroom renovation can aid you in improving the worth of the space. Elliott’s Blue Collar Plumbing offers professional plumbing and remodeling services, ensuring a luxurious bathroom. We have a team of skilled plumbers who are trained and certified to handle the most complex bathroom remodeling projects without any problem.


  • Kitchen and bath design

  • Plumbing fixture replacements

  • Location changing

  • Plumbing pipe rerouting

  • Layout changing

  • ADA compliance

  • New installations

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