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Sometimes, it’s more than just a simple little clog...

Clogged drains and pipes can lead to backups, fixture discoloration, and foul odors. We can quickly but effectively clear your pipes for a fast, smooth running drain.

Elliott's Blue Collar Plumbing offers drain cleaning with rooter services. In the original days of plumbing, the “roots” of trees caused a great deal of sewer blockages. Now “rooter’ services can be considered a catch all for clearing your drain and sewer lines.

Our rooter equipment will not damage your sewage or drainage line, but will remove grease, soap, mineral, and other build up from your pipes. When using a rooter, Elliott's Blue Collar plumbers are able to differentiate the size of the rooter to match the pipe size of your plumbing system.

If a rooter does not remove the drain blockage, we will explore alternative methods to unclogging a drain, like hydro jetting. 



  • We work on everything from small kitchen sinks to commercial floor and sewer drains

  • Trust us to inspect the problem and prevent future clogged drains

  • Sewer drains and blockages can cause very serious plumbing issues, please give us a call quickly!

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